The Queen's Gentlemen Pensioners

Gentlemen Pensioner

As the Queen readies herself to make her way through the multitude of her subjects men of her Court dawn the red crimson sashes emblazoned with the Tudor Rose and take up arms. These men are her Gentlemen Pensioners her elite bodyguards and a brotherhood of men originally created by her father the Great Henry VIII called “spears”. The “spears” were not only Henry’s body guards but also, his companions in times of war, and the principal participants of the tournaments and martial combats as well as it became a courtly finishing school for the sons of Nobles and the gentry.

Under Elizabeth the brotherhood of Gentlemen Pensioners retain many of the same qualities as their predecessors focusing mainly as her Majesty’s elite bodyguards. Charged and sworn to give their lives in protection of the royal person they attend and escort her Grace wherever she may go. Under arms they are an extension of the Queen and although the brotherhood is assembled from the high born to low all are one and the same attentive to their surroundings, to her Grace, and are alert for any situation or dangers that might cause her Majesty harm.

Although their first duty is as bodyguards to the Queen the Gentlemen Pensioners much like the Queen’s Yeoman of the Guard are the individuals to first come in contact with her people. As her escorts even under arms they are the first face of the Monarchy and as such are proud, strong, and inviting as their Queen. Scrutinizing each of her Majesty’s subjects for any threat while encouraging them to come forward and meet her Majesty. With all the practiced ease and ceremony of a courtier introducing them to their sovereign as if they were the only subject of her realm.