The Privy Council

Privy Council

The Privy Council takes their seats at the long table burdened by the great “affairs” of state. Each Councilor appointed from the nobility and gentry by her Majesty as her chief advisors. The Privy Council is charged with debating, creating, and presenting policy to her Grace on all matters great and small. The membership of eighteen includes; the notables of the Lord Treasurer, Lord Chancellor, Lord Privy Seal, and the most influential the Secretary. They rise as her Majesty unlike many monarchs attends the meeting on the weightiest of matters that directly involve her person.

Thomas Howard 4th Duke of Norfolk

Matter “The Queen’s Marriage” is always at the top of the list. For the Privy Council it is a political issue of alliance, and succession. To whom and for what reasons are always under debate. Both questions seemingly change at a moment’s notice in the volatile political and religious climate. For the Queen it is not only matters of alliance, and succession, but love and her own personal reasons.

Matter “Treason of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk”. For the Privy Council it is High Treason. The Duke had given assurance to Spain that he would marry Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots after an invasion of the North of England by Spain. Hence, causing an uprising of the North and with the subsequent murder of Queen Elizabeth put the Duke and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots on the Throne of England. For the Queen it is a treachery that goes deeper than matters of state as the Duke and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots both are her cousins. Mary Stuart Queen of Scots

Question one is what to do with the Duke of Norfolk; lifetime imprisonment in the Tower or the axe?  Question two is what to do with Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots; continued de facto Imprisonment within England or execution of an anointed Princess?

Matter “Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots”. For the Privy Council it is a question of state security over an individual that has openly acted treasonously against their Queen and country.Each day she is allowed to live is another day that Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots has to sew more discontent against their Queen politically and more importantly religiously for those of the Ancient Catholic Faith. For the Queen it is a matter of a family member slowly wearing out her welcome exacerbated by setting the precedent of one Prince sentencing another to death. It is a tug of war between Council and Queen as one presents the evidence of a threat to crown and country while the Queen maintains her position of balancing security with policy.

Privy Council

Matter “The Spanish Armada”. For the Privy Council the issue is split as the Sea Captains of England and intelligence suggests that Spain is ever on the cusp of their “Enterprise of England” consisting of the invasion of England, removal of Queen Elizabeth, and the restoration of England to the Ancient Catholic Faith. While on the other hand and the view shared by the Queen it is nothing more than rabble rousing by her Sea Captains to continue their own personal gain and the continuation of a specter of Spain.

It is matters such as these that the Privy Council discuss, debate, and ever try to come to some consensus on before bringing the matter before the Queen even on Progress...